kick ass.

I am a Swiss filmmaker & motion designer, based in London, represented at Park Village London. I previously worked in Berlin, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Geneva and Brussels.

Music videos, commercials & motion design are the shenanigans the honest citizens pay me to do.

I also organise a Berserk Film Festival, give inspiring lectures about How To Smash a TV With a Baseball Bat and proudly travel the world with my infamous collective The Barefoot Basterds.

Selected Work

Some brands I have worked with


Shanghai your career Duration: 20-40 minutes

I like to talk about all the creative ways one can find work. I truly think we need to re-invent the status-quo of job prospecting. We are thriving in an over-competitive market and if we don't push boundaries and make ourselves stand-out, we might just wait in line, for a very long time. Baseball bats are an option.

It is an inspiring lecture where I share some of my best insights and bold technics on the way to tackle job hunting.

2017 University of Bordeaux (France)
2016 University of Bordeaux (France)
2015 AFDA (South Africa)
2015 Raindance (Berlin)
2014 Platoon Kunsthalle (Berlin)
2014 CREA (Geneva)
2014 ERACOM (Lausanne)
2013 Hyper Island (Stockholm & Karlskrona)
2013 Platoon Kunsthalle (Seoul)